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Jyoti Yog Sansthan is a Registered Yoga Kendra (Yoga Teacher/Instructor, Diploma in Yoga Science ). JYS is the non-profit organization is located in the Dev Bhoomi Uttarakhand District Nainital (India). JYS organize Institutional, residential, Monthly Yoga Teacher Training Courses (TTC) for students from all over the India. As a leading Yoga Teacher Training Institution in India, JYS offers Yoga Teacher Training Programs such as the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training , 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Pan India and 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Uttarakhand and all over India.

Becoming the part of JYS does not only introduce the Skillful path of yoga, it also helps you to begin the discovery of yourself, healing and spiritual growth.

India, as the Origin of yoga, is also known as the country of spirituality and Culture. Open yourself to the numberless possibilities that JYS offers for you:

• Always Stay fit ,be happy
• Balance Your Body and mind
• Develop your own Yoga Career
• Discover, you’re a new soul
• Learn all about atsana, pranayama, meditation & Yogic philosophy
• Experience your transformation.

Our Vision

Jyoti Yog Sansthan is a non-profit organization dedicated to awareness and promoting the knowledge and practice of yoga and other activities related to physical and spiritual well-being in India by offering education and training in an atmosphere of encouragement and inspiration.

Our Mission

To be the single source for quality assurance in literacy And employability education among the nation's non-formal institutes, After turning out competent literacy And employability in large numbers, JYS reach is now being extended to all regions of the all country as well as overseas.

Aim & Objective

Jyoti Yog Sansthan welcoming to all Yoga Studios and Yoga School to provide best quality Yoga Teacher’s Training. JYS dedicated to promoting knowledge of Yoga and other Spiritual activities related to physical and spiritual knowledge.

Yoga Certificate Partner

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